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May 2003

X-Pider Aluminum Case
I know you woke up today with the intent of reading an aluminum case review. In an effort to not keep your from you goals and ambitions, I present to you: X-Pider Aluminum Case Review at EnvyNews.


70xPS2 + Linux = A Super Computer, Cheap!
the National Center for Supercomputing Applications at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign has built a super computer out of 70 PlayStation 2's. They are utilizing the processing power of the emotion engine and say that the cluster is capable of half trillion operations a second.

Corsair HydroCool200 Reviews
A couple of reviews of the Corsair HydroCool200 have been posted, one at IPKonfig and one at DWPG.com. These are pretty awesome units. I'm thinking of getting one myself. If you haven't seen a review of this unit yet and are considering water cooling, I would check this out.


M-Audio Revolution 7.1 Review
A review of a M-Audio Revolution 7.1 Review has been posted at GamingIn3D. They had some major problems with the card, resulting in the reviewer not even giving the card a score.
In all the trials, I noticed a repeating trait when comparing the Revo[lution] against the Audigy: no background noise. The Audigy had very little white noise compared to other cards. It was the best I heard... until I heard the Revo[lution] that is. The 107 SNR spec is justified: I had to nearly max the dial out on the z560s when using the Revo[lution] (obviously with nothing playing) before I could hear any white noise. This card can REALLY generate some clean sound, that much is for sure.
Apparently there are some good things about the card, he just can't stand the drivers.

OCZ DDR PC-3200 Rev 2
OHLS-Place.com has reviewed some OCZ DDR PC-3200 Rev. 2 RAM. These guys have some odd page formatting/layout, original, but strange.


XPCases.com XPDreamer Case
A review of the XPCases.com XPDreamer Case has been posted by PimpRig.com. He replaces the PSU with an aftermarket one so you can't see how it performs; but the rest of the review is pretty good.


Chaintech Reloaded
ViperLair.com has posted their coverage of Chaintech Reloaded. Besides Chaintech, Nvidia, Corsair, and Intervideo were all there too. Its worth a look if you're curious as to what these companies are showing off now day.


Vaja I-VOLUTION 10GB iPod Case
I don't really like i-Pods, because I don't like Apple (just because I can); but I thought I would post this review of the Vaja I-VOLUTION 10GB iPod Case for those of you who do (like i-Pods). Another reason I posted this is because if you say 'Vaja' enough times, it starts to sound like Goldmember's pronunciation of 'father' in the Goldmember movie. Smile


Blue Aluminum Chenming Case
Virtual-Hideout has a new case review up. This time around they take a look at a VoyeurMod Blue Aluminum Chenming Case. The reviewer seems like it for the most part but he does have some issues with it.


Spammers Sue Anti-Spam Earthlink
Earthlink is being sued by a spam company, MailBlocks. MailBlocks is claiming that Earthlink is using a patent that is not theirs. Check out the article over at Slashdot. This stuff just pisses me off.

Seagate Cheetah 10k.6 Review
TechwareLabs.com has posted a review of the Seagate Cheetah 10k.6. It's a 146 GB SCSI Ultra320 HDD and I'm sure most of us wouldn't kick it out of bed, if you know what I mean. As a bonus, there are some benchmarks of the drive kicking the crap out of an ATA drive.


EnvyNews has posted a review of a new CPU by VIA, the VIA Nehemiah M10000. Its still not even close to being a popular mainstream chip, but I'm sure it has it's place in the CPU market.


CeBIT Australia 2003
Quite a few of my readers are from Australia, but most are from the United States. That means most of you guys would have a hard time making it down to the new CeBIT. So, Agg, at Overclockers Australia has posted his coverage of CeBIT Australia 2003. Enjoy!


Back To The Basics
VoidedWarranty.com has posted an article about ESD (Electro Static Discharge). More specifically, the article discusses ways not zap the crap out of your stuff. At the very least, if you don't know you should be doing it, check the article. I say should, because I should take precautions, but I don't.


VisionTek Press Release
VisionTek sent out a press release this morning about their new Radeon 9800 Pro. I couldn't find a link to it on their web site so I reproduced it for you guys in the news section, "VisionTek First to Deliver 9800 PRO 256MB."

AMD 3200+ / VIA KT600 / NV Ultra 400
HardOCP has taken a look at not one, not two, but three new products. They have their hands on a Athlon 3200+, a VIA KT600, and a NV Ultra 400. The VIA KT600 is a big surprise but Kyle echos my thoughts about it in his conclusion.


Athlon XP 3200+ Announced
AMD has officially announed the Athlon XP 3200+ in this press release.
The AMD Athlon XP processor 3200+ is priced at $464 in 1,000-unit quantities.
To the consumer, this equates to the 3200+ being priced at $U,NAF,FOR,DAB.LE. I thought stuff was supposed to drop in price during economic downturns?


NVIDIA GeForce FX5900 Ultra
Hexus takes a looks at the new NV35 chip from NVIDIA in their review of the NVIDIA GeForce FX5900 Ultra. It beats the Radeon 9800 in quite a few tests, but of course it goes the otherway a couple times. I'll tell you what NVIDIA, I'll buy one if you sell it for $200. Sudhian also has a review of the same card.

Samsung ML-1750 Laser Printer
I would like to start this news post by saying that I had no idea Samsung made lazer printers. But, apparently they do and EnvyNews.com has reviewed the Samsung ML-1750 Laser Printer. 17ppm isn't too bad, especially considering how small it is.

Auravision EluminX Keyboard
ASE Labs has reviewed the Auravision EluminX Keyboard. The author made some very good points. The review is a must read if you're thinking about getting one of these new lighted keyboards.

Stealth CD-ROM Drives with an External Button
TwistedMods has posted a guide on Opening Stealth CD-ROMS with an External Button. The guide author uses a 3.5" drive bay cover as the button. Even if you don't have a stealth CD-ROM Drive, it is pretty cool to look at.


GeForce4 Ti 4800 Review
Hexus has given the XFX GeForce4 Ti 4800-SE a good going over. The review is 13 pages long. If you're just going to look at the benchmarks, the Radeon 9800 beats it in pretty much every test but one resolution on one test.


Intel Pentium 4 2.4C Review
OCTools has reviewed the Intel Pentium 4 2.4C. This should be more of a review than articles I have previously posted (which were clearly not intended to be reviews).


P4 2.4C Overclock
The Pentium 4 2.4C has not been released yet; but, I bet you can guess who's already overclocked it. Kyle of HardOCP has posted an article where he got the front side bus to 1174MHz, stable. I'll let you do the math on that, or you can just read the article where the math is done for you. Smile

VaporPhase for the Masses
OCTools has posted a review of the new Chip-Con Prometeia Cooling System. If you remember KryoTech and Vapochill you know what I'm talking about. If not, think freezer temperatures on your CPU. The Prometeia has unique in that it is portable from system to system. The review is definitely worth reading.

Sunbeam Rheobus Kit
A review of the Sunbeam Rheobus Kit #1 has been posted over at 8BallsHardware. Kit #1 has been reviewed here, as opposed to kit #2 and #3. No, seriously.


Zalman CNPS 7000-Cu
EnvyNews has posted a review of the Zalman CNPS 7000-Cu. This is part of Zalman's quiet CNPS line, so it is not what you maximum performance guys are looking for. However, if you are looking to quiet your screaming beast or you find it hard to pass up an article that has the term "Sir Techno-Weenie" in the introductory paragraph, check out the review.

Fortistech C104L HSF Review
R&B Mods has posted a review of the Fortistech C104L CPU cooler. Unfortunately, the reviewer did not compare the performance results to anything. Although, you can always just go look at the pretty pictures (it has an LED fan).

Color-Changing LED
A Color-Changing LED review has been posted over at Virtual Hideout. Its from AMK computers. It does exactly what it says. It is a 5mm LED that cycles through colors, talk about precise product naming.


Operton Desktop Performance
AnandTech has posted AMD Opteron Coverage - Part 4: Desktop Performance. Unlike the server benchmarks, the Operton does not fair very well here.

Geeks Sell Date on Ebay
Currently, on Ebay you can bid to win a chance to go on a date with a bunch of geeks. I saw this over at The Register and had to share it.
These [g]uys write video-games, so you an expect the evening to consist of totally fascinating conversation,
all about computer programming. Including such riveting topics as "optimal byte code", "reverse polish notation", "Vertex buffer optimisations", and "how it works?... Soap"
Seriously, how can you lose? I just think it sucks if you're not in the UK and don't have a real opportunity to go on the date with these guys. Smile

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