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September 2000

Everyone and there dog has a P3 1Ghz vs Thunderbird 1 GHz article posted. Now, Chick's Hardware has a "Battle of the 1Ghz Giants" article up for your viewing pleasure.

Net 36 is offering you a chance to win a Palm VIIx. The catch is you have to fill out their survey... but who cares you can win a Palm VIIx! What are you waiting for? Go fill it out already.

Gamers Depot has a review up on Baldurs' Gate II. They seemed pretty excited about it, and from what I saw it looked pretty cool. Go give it a whirl.


SMC Barricade 700BR Router has been reviewed at The Tech Zone. Need I say more? Probably, but I'm not going to.

We have a cool new shirt in the store. It's a must for any overclocker.


Go buy a mousepad! It's only $12!

What's 1" thick, weighs 4.1 pounds, and has a Pentium III 500 stuck inside it? If you guessed a really heavy and thin UPS box you're wrong. If you guessed a Acer 341TV, you're right but you don't win anything. Anyway, it's a laptop; it's been reviewed over at The Tech Zone; I've said enough.

Guru 3D has posted their experiences in overclocking their FCPGA PIII 700. They don't do any special cooling but it might be a good preview of what you will be able to reach if you pick one up.

Games Xtreme has some preview screen shots of a game called Gift. It's supposed to be a mature offering of a game like Rayman. I don't know, the graphics look alright!

Want an Xtreme Tek mouse pad? It's not an EverGlide GIGANTA or a Ratpad but it looks damn cool! It also costs less than one of the platic pads. What are you wating for? Head on over to The Xtreme Tek Store and pick your self up a pad! I'll have some cool shirts and mugs pretty soon too!


Active Hardware has some reviewage for you on the Gigabyte GA-6OXM7E. Sound interesting? Go check it out.

Club Overclocker has a pretty nifty drawing! They are giving away a sweet ASUS V7100 GeForce2 MX Video Card courtesy of 2kcomputing. Want to win? Then head over to our contest page at http://www.cluboverclocker.com/contest/index.htm

Yo, Technoyard has what they call 'The Ultimate Quake III Video Card Showdown'. Sounds bad ass, go check it out.

Everyone and their dogs have a review of the ASUS A7V except The Tech Zone and myself. Nevermind, just me as The Tech Zone has just posted their review of the ASUS A7V and it's probably a good read too.

Madden NFL 2001 has been given the once over. The review is posted on BootMax, I don't know what booting your computer and computer games have in common but hell, our president forgot to inhale when he smoked marijuana.

CTNews3D has a 5 page guide up entitled "Sharing Your Internet Connection." This is good stuff especially for the network ":impared."

If you use ICQ this might be something to check out. AOL owns Instant Messenger and ICQ, and rumor has it they may merge the two messaging products. Pretty scary huh... Get all the info HERE.


Microsoft received a mini-victory in court today. Wired News has got the stuff. Here's a preview:
By sending Microsoft's appeal to a lower court first, the Supreme Court not only deals a blow to the Clinton administration, but gives the software giant a solid chance to reverse the decision.

ABIT Introduces the VP6 for Dual PIII CPUs!

Taipei, Taiwan, R.O.C. Friday, September 22, 2000—ABIT is proud to announce the launch of the VP6. This dual processor motherboard is a follow-up to the immensely popular BP6. The VP6 is an ATX form-factor mainboard designed for use with all PIII Coppermine FC-PGA 370 Processors. It supports all normal industry standard functions, including Advanced Configuration and Power Management Interface (ACPI), AGP 1X/2X/4X and 100/133MHz SDRAM Memory Bus Settings. The VP6 features four 168-pin DIMM sockets supporting up to 2GB memory.

DUAL Pentium III
The VP6 is a dual processor system. With computing tasks becoming more and more CPU-intensive, a dual CPU system is the answer for running your computer smoothly. Dual processor systems allow for increased performance. In fact, performance can be increased by 25% – 85% when running software designed for dual (SMP-based) CPU systems.

Processor-intensive applications such as burning CDs, playing games, working on spreadsheets, multimedia and the like, leave your system open to lag and errors. The VP6 dual processor system can allow you to easily run several CPU-intensive tasks without such problems. Be it playing SMP-enabled games while burning a CD or working on a project while playing MP3s, a dual processor system such as the VP6 will allow your system to cope successfully where a single processor system could have troubles.

ATA/100 and RAID
The VP6 includes the HPT370 controller which adds ATA/100 and RAID support. The ATA/100 interface has a 100 MB/sec transfer rate, thereby maximizing disk performance. RAID 0 (striping), RAID 1 (mirroring), and RAID 0+1 (striping + mirroring) are all supported by the VP6. The RAID 0 array is designed for performance. By using two hard disks, the information can be split evenly between the two, effectively doubling performance. By setting a RAID 1 array, you are automatically backing up all data. RAID 1 is a mirroring setup that writes the data to both hard disks whenever saving to hard disk. RAID 0+1 gives the user the performance of RAID 0 and the security of RAID 1.

SoftMenu™ III
Only ABIT has SoftMenu™, and on the VP6, you will find ABIT’s unique SoftMenu™ III. The VP6’s SoftMenu™ III has special added features and functions that will allow for maximum performance and enhancement tweaks. The SoftMenu™ III of the VP6 includes a massive range of FSB settings. The base FSB settings are 66, 68, 75, 80, 83, 100, 103. 105, 110, 112, 115, 120, 124, 133, 140, 145 and 150MHz. From these base settings, adjustments of 0-28 MHz can be selected in increments of 1MHz.

Multi I/O Functions
The VP6 includes 4+4 Channels of Bus Master IDE which support Ultra DMA 100/66/33. In addition to the normal serial and parallel ports the VP6 has 2 USB ports, plus an extra header for 2 extra USB channels. A USB cable is also included for use with this header. The System BIOS features and supports Award Plug and Play BIOS and Write-Protect Anti-Virus function by AWARD BIOS.

Sorry to hit you with two news releases but I thought they were both pretty imortant.

Hercules sent me this press release so I thought I pimp it to you guys and gals. Check it...
3D Prophet II MX Dual-Display Video
High performance 3D gaming on one or two screens

Montreal, September 25th, 2000 - After the successful launch of 3D Prophet II MX in July 2000, Hercules is pleased to announce the launch of 3D Prophet II MX Dual-Display Video featuring the GeForce2 MX chipset, powered by Twin View(tm) dual-display architecture. 3D Prophet II MX Dual-Display Video enables users to perform different functions on two different displays simultaneously with amazing 3D performance.

Breathtaking speed in 3D games: Ultra-fast RAM transfer

The GeForce2 MX chipset can be interfaced with either 128-bit SDR RAM or 64-bit DDR RAM. Hercules' 128-bit memory bus, powered by a 183MHz RAM clock, is the configuration delivering the maximal bandwidth. The 3D Prophet II MX, offers a bandwidth of 2.9GB/sec as opposed to GeForce2 MX boards interfaced with 150MHz×2 DDR RAM, reaching only a 2.4GB/s bandwidth.

3D Prophet II MX architecture is faster in today's 32-bit games than other GeForce2 MX based graphics boards, outperforming GeForce2 MX boards with DDR RAM by 20%.

The key word for Hercules is optimization: the use of a 183MHz RAM with a 128-bit interface just like the 3D Prophet II MX Series, optimizes the GeForce2 MX chipset, while using DDR RAM at 64-bit retains the chipset's performance.

Dual-Display support to broaden gaming horizons

Featuring NVIDIA TwinView(tm) Display Architecture, the 3D Prophet II MX Dual-Display Video delivers impressive 2D/3D acceleration on the first monitor and offers a simultaneous and complementary display on a TV screen. This feature has a variety of functions that can be used for gaming, video viewing and CAD applications

For games offering multiple display modes, like flight simulators, 3D
Prophet II MX Dual-Display Video allows users to enjoy two different views (engine controls on the monitor and panning on the TV screen). For other applications, 3D Prophet II MX Dual-Display Video eliminates switching between two windows and enables different software applications to remain open and visible at the same time.

With 3D Prophet II MX Dual-Display Video and 3D Prophet II MX, Hercules once again fulfills gamers expectations by offering them high 3D performance and the latest features available in 3D graphics technology.

Price and Availability

3D Prophet II MX Dual-Display Video will be available in October 2000 for $169 (USD).

3D Prophet II MX is presently available for at major retailers across the country for $149 (USD).

I was reading about this gizmo a little while back and now Guru3D has a review on the sucker. They took a look at Microsoft's SideWinder Strategic Commander. If you play strategy games and you don't know what one of these is, you must read the review.


The Tech Zone has a review of a printer up. It is the Lexmark Z52 and it's packed with features for a very affordable price.

The DFI AK74 has been reviewed over at Via Hardware. It was good enough to make AMD's recommended list. I just wish they would have called it the DFI AK47. AK47's are a lot cooler than AK74's =)

Does getting a free Flipchip PIII 550E850 w/ Golden Orb, PIII 600@800 Slot 1 w/ Globalwin VOS-32, RDJD K701, Gear Grip Pro, or Slot 1 Golden Orb sound? Can't argue with free stuff and Gaming In 3D has it.


Issue #50 of ZZZ Online is up. Need I say more? Ok, I will... they got some stuff on displays made of ribbons, an underwater hologram camera, and virtual salamanders

A Soltek SL-65ME has been reviewed over at PC Review.co.uk. This board is based on i815 chipset. It might be interesting as Soltek is starting to build a reputation.

Insane Hardware has a review of the Sound Blaster Live! Platinum. It's the one with the ports in front to connect to. Pretty spiffy, I know I want to get one, but the price is just to high for my liking.


HardCOREWare has a review of the MSI StarForce 816. This is a GeForce2 MX based card. I got a hold of a Hercules GeForce2 MX and maxed out the memory overclocking slider and this thing is rocking, hard!

BootMax has a preview of Micosoft's upcomming Windows Whistler. It's supposed to be the Business/Entertainment mix of Windows we've all been waiting for (I use all gingerley).


Gamers Depot has a review of Logitech's new Force 3D. It's the joystick I have and it gets the job done.


It's a good time to pick up an old legacy Slot 1 Athlon right now. They are getting pretty cheap to pick up in some places. So, what better to do than overclock them? And what better way than a Gold Finder Device to adjust the multiplier with? Innovatek has created a product called the Tweeking Device 2 to do just that. We have our own review for comparison.

Have an AMR slot on your motherboard? Want to stick something in there so it's being a little useful? You're in luck; Mile High over at Gideon Tech has a review posted on the PC-Tel AMR Modem.

A review of Heavy Metal FAKK2 has been posted at Review News. This game is built off of a modifies Quake 3 engine and has been gettin mixed reviews, you'll have to read this one to see what Joe Young thinks.


Plextor makes some top quality products. Almost everyone knows that. There is a review posted at Acid's Domain of the Plextor 12/10/32A CD-RW. Enjoy, and start saving those pennies.

Club Overclocker has a review of the hyped-up Z3 series waterblocks. This is the first review of this series I've seen posted so it's probably worth a peek.


Want to know how to destroy and Athlon? Better yet, do you want to know how to avoid destroying yours? Mr. Henning of CPU Review would love to show you what not to do in his latest article "How to kill an Athlon."

Chick's Hardware has the first (I think) review of a retail Kyro Based board. They review the Videologic Vivid! 32Mb video card and show some serious highs and some lows. We'll have to wait till then next set of drivers come out to see if this thing can pound on the GeForce2 or not


We always see positive reviews for products. Here's a review by OverClocker in which they express how badly the Vantec Bay Freezer sucks. Suck is bad (usually) and the Vantec Bay Freezer sucks.

MSI is pumping up their line of mother boards again. This time they have a board aimed at servers and workstations. The MSI K7T Master is the first Athlon (Socket A) board to have an on board SCSI adapter.

Wild Bill of CPU Review has a review of the ABIT KT7-RAID. We'll have a review up shortly, but I have to say that is board is the best board I've ever used.


Hexus.net has a interesting (to say the least) article on overclocking in a Linux/Unix enviroment. Well, that's what they say, but it seems to me that they are just conecntrating on 3D gaming in a Linux setup. I dunno man, I just work here.


TweakTown is celebrating it's first birthday with a nice little give away called TweakTown's 1st Birthday Contest. Free is good.


A great way to promote one's website is to have good content. Another great way is to give away free stuff. Extreme Overclocking is giving away 3 Ratpadz. Not only that but you get your choice of color! Yep, you can choose, black, black, and, not to be left out, black. Good luck to you and happy fragging.

Train Wrecker has a review of the Digial Doc 2. It's not the most current Digital Doc, but it's still pretty cool. You'll have to check this out and see if it's worth the price to you.

Active-Hardware has a review of a Micro-ATX main in the form of the ECS K7VZM. This is the board for you guys with space constraints.

Adrian's Rojak Pot has a good article up on Video RAM Caching. The testing is very complete and this should give you a pretty good idea as to whether or not you should enable the Video RAM Cachable setting in your BIOS.

ABIT has their 64MB GeForce GTS out and about. The guys at Guru 3D have a hold of one of them and take it for a spin. ABIT makes some top quality stuff and I'm sure thierABIT Siluro 64Mb GeForce2 GTS is not exception.


VIA Hardware has a review on one of those PCI GeForce2 MX cards that were announced a little while ago. I think this is the first review of it's kind so it should be informative for everyone. What are you waiting for, go check out their review on the Inno3D GeForce2 MX PCI.

DVD Movies on a CD
Hey there is an article up at Tom's hardware that talks about putting a DVD movie on a CD. An interesting read, sure beats buying one of those DVD burners. Uses some really high compression, they say their is no real quality loss but I highly doubt that.


I got my KT7-RAID in the mail today. I'm going to change out my stuff right now. When I'm done I'll throw up some real news.


Active-Hardware has some Socket A action going for you in the FIC AZ11 motherboard. This board isn't an ABIT or an ASUS type of pumped up board, but a good quality board with some good features too.

Those GeForce2 MX cards are looking very nice for a $150. If you don't know what I'm talking about, 3D Game Gear has a review of the Leadtek Winfast GeForce2 MX for your viewing pleasure. Great card for the price, enough said.


Little White Dog has a contest for all of out there that like free stuff... uh, I hope every one does. If you win here's what you get: Stick of RAM - 128 Megs - PC100 tested and fully functional at 133 FSB, MadOnion T-Shirt (Black with orange logo on front and back (XL)), Bag of Beggin' Strips Dog Treats! (Cheese and Bacon Flavored - with 50% more Free inside!). WOW, Beggin' Strips!! Get over there and enter NOW!!

Hey ya'll, WebMasterP is off slaving away at the daily grind so I thought I would give you some news love. Frosty Tech has some reviewage on what they called the 'Fatty Case' . Sounded Phat... (hehe I am so funny) go check it out.

Our buds at The Game Den have posted a review on Heavy Metal: FAKK 2. I've heard mixed comments about this game, Lemme Boy usually writes a good review and this is probably a good read. This is especially good if you're still undecided on whether or not to pick up this title.


Gaming In 3D has posted their Windows ME (Millenium Edition) Review. I haven't read through this one so, you're on your own.


I'm back! Now I have to go back to work. I almost called in sick, but more work means more money, and more money means more computers. =)


For all of you freaks with the need for huge things, (No, not that you pervert!) Storage Reviews has a review on Maxtor's new 80 GB hard drive. Now, if someone fills up one of these they must be doing some serious porn surfing!

Ever had the urge to have your bike serve as transportation and a webserver at the same time, I know I sure have! Well check this Bike out some wierd people felt that bikes should also have an IP addy too.


HardCOP (yes, I did spell that right =) has a couple of new articles up. First they do a dance with the GeForce 2 Ultra. Yes, he overclocks it, like that's even questionable in his [H]ard Labs. Then he has some Dual P3 Action on an MSI Dual Motherboard. I think he likes it. Well, considering when he called me to tell me about it he started yelling, "Daddy like, Daddy like.." over and over again until I hung up on him, I'd say he likes it.

I won't be here tomorrow and possibly the next day. I'm taking a vacation. If you're lucky maybe some of my news staff will post some goods for you. I'll have a review on some Arctic Silver Thermal Grease when I get back. It'll show you how it's going to perform in a well ventilated case. =)


Extreme Overclocking has a review of the Razer Boomslang 2000. This is the best mouse in the Boomslang series. I'll remain neutral until I get my hands on one.


Dan of Dan's Data is getting all excited over this KVM switch he has a hold of. No, just because it says KVM doesn't mean it has anything to do with Athlons or Thunderbirds or Durons for that matter.

3D Game Force has a couple of new reviews up. First they review Digital Anvil's first game, StarLancer. Then, if you haven't had enough gaming action, they review the from SideWinderPlug 'n Play Game Pad Microsoft.

A AOpen DRW-4624 4-in-1 Drive review has been posted over at the house of burning CPUs. This drive is kickin' and deserves to be given to me. Yep, that good.


Remember the KYRO Video Chipset we heard a little bit about earlier? Well, read this here little clip from a press release and take from it what you will.
For Immediate Release

InnoVISION Multimedia is excited to announce Graphics accelerator based on the innovative architecture KYRO 3D processor from STMicroelectronics.

Inno3D KYRO 2000 delivers superior levels of realism, high frame rates, unprecedented image quality and performance, with the cost advantage of the PowerVR tiling architecture over conventional 3D which make it an affordable graphics solution with no compromise for both gamers and corporate users.

Remember the Gear Grip Pro from a couple of days ago? If not, Gaming In 3D has review to get you up to speed. What are you LAN party people waiting for? Check it out!


Hexus.net has some pictures posted that he took while he was at ECTS. He's got some pictures of a Pentium 4 that wouldn't boot right and a little picture of some monitor dirvers that wouldn't install. Lucky for them, David Ross was there to tell them to turn PnP on. =)

Whoohooo! I think we're one of the first sites to have a female news poster on a tech site! What do I win? Everyone send her an email with a little congrats!

Greetings, I'm a new news pimp... cool huh. This little device I found just goes to show you how LAZY and careless our society is. Forbes magazine is promoting a gadget called the C.A.T. The C.A.T. reads web addresses that have been created into barcodes. So you don't have to spend all that time typing in a web addy. The catch of the whole deal is you can only get these special barcodes in a handful of magazines, and yes of course Forbes is one of the few. Here's a tid bit from the article:
"...we set out to become the ultimate tool for would-be Web sojourners. A bridge, if you will, that passes over the clutter and chaos of the Net, and connects you to the most useful sites. In this fall edition, we have greatly enhanced your tool."
Head on over to GetYourCat.com and check it out. If you're not saying "this is stupid" by the end of it, I worry for you.


Chick's Hardware has a the 3dfx Voodoo5 5500 AGP vs. Voodoo5 5500 PCI article up. To sum the whole thing up: The PCI card is a little slower than the AGP card.

Gideon Tech is giving away a Celeron2 566 @ 850 with a Golden Orb Cooler! They're calling it their End of Summer Giveaway but I call it free stuff! Who can disagree with free stuff?

Athlon OC has a review the ABIT KT7. We'll have one up pretty soon (well, we'll still have to write the review after we get one!). Anyway, this is board enough to get me to spend my small amount of money, go see what these guys think.


The Belkin OmniView PRO KVM Switch has been reviewed over at Littlewhitedog.com. This is that device that switches a mouse, a keyboard, and a single monitor between up to 8 computers! It sounds really good until you get to the price tag. Weighing in at a hefty $549.99, this thing will cost you as much as a monitor, keyboard, and a mouse. So, make sure you have more than two computers to hook up to this thing before you buy it.

The guys Chick's Hardware have been real busy. I'm just going to post all their stuff and let you sort through it!
ATi Radeon 64Mb DDR Review
AZZA PT-815TX S370 ATX motherboard Review
Vapochill Unit Competition
CaseAce GearGrip Pro Review

The dudes over at Sharky Extreme have a review up on the 1.1 GHz AMD Thunderbird. Seems like AMD's 1.1GHz actually works unlike Intel's 1.13GHz chip. Well anyway, here's a link to the review.

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