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September 2001

ThermoEngine Comparison
Overclockers Austrailia has a comparison posted on their site, that compares all the different ThermoEngines against each other and with different thermal interface matierals. If you're interested in buying a ThermoEngine, look no further than overclockers.com.au's ThermoEngine Comparison

ThermalTake Fans
Virtual Hideout has taken a look at 3 fans from ThermalTake. They aren't really anything special, but you should check them out if you're in the fan market. The review is called: Bigfoot Computers ThermalTake DC Fans Review.


This is crazy. I'm not even going to tell you what it is other than it concerns Athlons and voltage. These guys at AtlantaOC have too much time on their hands. But we can all appreciate a little insanity or too much spare time. Smile

Dynatron coolers Review
CaseJunkiez.com has taken a look at two Dynatron coolers and posted a review. I haven't taken a look at this review, so you're on your own.

Iwill KK266+
OCTools.com has a review posted on their site of the Iwill KK266+. I bet you can tell what chipset they used by looking at the name. Smile If not, you need to get more geeky. Quit your job, stay home, and cultivate some pimples. Then this knowledge will come to you. Smile Ok, if you quit your job and get ugly, I'm not responsible, but you can email me about it.


Asus A7V266
An Asus A7V266 has been given the once over at Overclockers Austrailia. This is a board that utilizes a VIA KT266 chipset, FYI.


Tyan K7 Tiger
A Tyan K7 Tiger has been review over at IAmNotAGeek.com. This is the cheaper board in their Athlon MP series. You get the dual MP setup without the onboard goodies (SCSI, NIC, etc.) and it's smaller. So, check it out if you're looking for a cheap in home SMP solution.


Akasa Round Cables
Radeonic has a review of some Akasa Round Cables. What's special about these round cables? Nothing really, but they have a brand name, unlike most round cables. Smile So, check it out if you're looking to buy some new round cables.

DiskOnKey 16MB
EnvyNews has a review of another small USB storage medium, the DiskOnKey 16MB. This is a professional looking unit and offers many benefits. Think of it this way, it's smaller than a floppy disk and can hold a little over 11 times the data of a floppy disk. I want one! Smile


Internet & Email Restrictions Lighten Up At Work
Ever feel like you're being watched every step of the way when you're browsing the Net at work, or even writing an email? Well a panel of judges feel the same way and they want to do something about it. Here is a tid bit from the article:
While the policy does not guarantee any specific right to privacy while at work, the omission was seen by privacy experts as a victory for judges who sought to keep their e-mail communications private.
Sounds like a step in the right direction to me... but who knows what will happen with the tremendous worries over terrorists attacks these days. Go read up to find out more.

HP's In Trouble With Germany
HP is being ordered to reveal, for a second time, how many CD-R and CD-RW's they have sold. They must do this in order for the courts to add up how much it owes to musicians and their publishers. HP failed to do this about 2 years ago... but never did. You can read more about it over at The Register.


Another Reason NOT To Go W/A Compaq
The Register has a good read on how Compaq left customer details open for all to see. Go check it out, it's actually kinda funny... unless of course you're one of the sad people who thought that going with a Compaq really was a good idea.


Epox 8K7A+
OCPrices.com has taken a good look at new AMD760 based mother boards, the Epox 8K7A+. Knowing Epox, this will most likey be a cheap board and due to the fact that it's based off of the AMD760 chipset.

PQI 256MB PC133
Overclockers Austrailia has a review of 256MB of Generic PC133 SDRAM from a company called PQI. Why read it? Well, the answer to that is why not? This generic RAM will run you $20 a stick. So, if it is any good, this review will most likely tell you and then you can go pick up some good, dirt cheap RAM instead of shitty dirt cheap SDRAM. Go check it out!


Anniversary Giveaway
AOpen AX37 Plus (VIA Apollo PRO266) Motherboard
ASUS A7V (VIA KT133) Motherboard
Soyo 7VDA (VIA Apollo PRO266) Motherboard
AOpen AK33 (VIA KT133) Motherboard
Intel 800 MHz PIII
AMD Athlon 850 MHz (TBird)
AMD Duron 700 MHz
Crucial 128 MB PC1600 DDR SDRAM
Dynatron DY1206BH-638 HSF
Thermaltake VolcanoII HSF
OCZ Dominator HSF
Any of that sound good? For Free? Get your free stuff here. You have to love Anniversary Parties!

Cyber Cooler P-8000
Gideon Tech has a review of the Cyber Cooler P-8000. This is what we like to call a "budget-cooler". Don't get me wrong, this cooler will work well for non-overclockers. So, if you fit into that category, you should check this out or maybe if you're just a mild overclocker.


Logitech Internet Navigator
A Logitech Internet Navigator Keyboard has been review at Envy News. This is one of those keyboards with all internet and program function buttons all over it. Go take a look. Besides, if you buy it and don't like it, you can always blow it up. Smile

Elsa Gladiac 511
Radeonic has a review of both the PCI and AGP versions of the Elsa Gladiac 511. These cards are based off of nVidia's MX chipsets and fit nicely into the value sector of the market.


Thermalright CB-6L
OCPrices.com has a review of the Thermalright CB-6L. This is a copper/aluminum hybrid protype. This isn't the offical release, I believe. Anyway, pre-releases are always worth a look.

Fortis Coolers Review
Overclocking has become extremely popular in the past few years, and with that more companies trying to capitalize of it's popularity are popping up everywhere. This is great for the consumer because all the companies are competing to make better products. Overclocker's Online has a review of some heatsinks from a company called Fortis. Check it out, the perform pretty good.


IWill DVD-266u
Via Hardware has a review of the IWill DVD-266u. What's special about this?
This new dual Tualatin ready motherboard features DDR memory support, Digital onboard 5.1 sound, onboard LAN and a Highpoint RAID controller. Teamed up with dual Intel Tualatin Pentium 3s with 512k cache, this board has what it takes to take on any platform on the market.
You should probably check this out, I am. Smile


SC-GM02 Server Case
RipNet-UK.com has a review of the SC-GM02 server case, which is also know as the AVGS Cyber Mirror mini server case. It really does have a mirror finish on it. So, if you like a shiny case, look no further.

ABIT Innovation Show
OCPrices has a article about the 2001 ABIT Innovation Show. This show was hampered by the horrible terrorist attacks on Tuesday, but there is still plenty of valuable information there.

Athlon 1GHz "AYHJA"
Atlanta OC has a review of AYHJA series Athlon clocked at 1 GHz. These are the cores that are rumored to be very good for overclocking. This is definitely worth a look for those looking for the highest overclock when you buy a chip.


Red Cross Support
Si 2 Si has opened up a store which sells T-Shirts commerating the tragic events of this week. All profits will go to the Red Cross and you get a cool T-Shirt (or hat, or mug, etc.) out of the deal. So please, show your support.


Attack On America
The title, Attack on America, that has been appropriately given to the horrendous tragedy that has taken place I feel is a terrific title for this article written by a Canadian man who feels the pain that America has suffered, after giving so much. The article is to big to post on the front page, so head on over to our forums check it out, and express your feelings about what happened. Stay proud, stay as happy as possible, and tell the people you love that you love them. Smile


w00t, Suck It T's!
The Taleban (the website belonging to the terrorist group believed by many to be responsible for yesterday's terrorist acts), has been hacked. I think it's great. Even if they didn't do it, they still deserve it. Thanks to BlueSmoke.net for the heads up.


Videos of the Tragedy
A sad day in America indeed. May our prayers and thoughts go to the fallen Americans, their friends and family, and the fallen Firefighters and Police that gave their lives for our protection. And may the terrorists be brought to the strictest means of justice. Click for videos.

God Bless America
I just wanted to say that all our hearts at Xtreme Tek go out to all the victims and familys of today's tragedy. We hope everyone that can be saved is saved and that the bastards who did this get what they deserve. God Bless America! If you have some feelings or thoughts you want to get off your chest, I have created a thread in the forums for you to talk about this in: here.


Swiftech MCX370-0A
Radeonic has a review of the Swiftech MCX370-0A. Swiftech cooler are generally not cheap, but there is a reason for this as well. With quality usually comes a heavier price tag. So, if you're interested in quality and are willing to pay the price, look no further.

If you're looking for a good laugh, check out this 1MHz Computer from HP. Geez, I hope this merger with Compaq won't hurt our technology. After all these guys just jumped back in time to a pre-286 era. Smile

Dust Experiment
Case Junkiez has a article up about their so called "Delta Dust Experiment." If you're having dust problems with your case or you have pets contributing to your computer Smile , you might want to check this out.


Pimped Out 7896A
Virtual Hideout has give the OCShop Addtronics 7896A Full Tower Case the once over. This isn't your regular 7896A, OCShop added some extras to make it even cooler. Check it foo. Smile

Volcano 6
Computer Choas has their review of the Copper Volcano 6. This is the second part of their Volcano series review. You didn't have to read the first one for this to make sense, so go ahead and check it out anyway.


Java Realities
ZDNet has a good article up about the realities of Java in it's current state, "Sun has Java, but where are its Web services?." This would be a good read, especially with Microsoft's new move to wipe out Java (which is a horrible idea, in my opinion).

Kyro Linux Drivers
The Register has some information on some new drivers comming out from PowerVR which are Kyro Linux Drivers. This is a great think for Kyro and an even better thing for Linux users seeking value when they buy a videocard.


PC2100 DDR RoundUp
Acid Hardware has a PC2100 DDR RAM Roundup. I haven't looked through it, so you're on your own. With the new VIA chipset out, DDR is even better.


Zalman HSF Roundup
OCPrices.com has a round up of a butt-load of Zalman Heatsink and Fan units. So, they aptly called called it Zalman CPU Cooler Round Up. They compare the CNPS 3000, 3100, 3100 Gold, 5001-AL and 5001-Plus. OCPrices also mod some of them for comparison as well.

GeForce2 MX VIVO
Guru3D has a review of Gainward's CARDEXpert GeForce2 MX VIVO Golden Sample. Long name, good card, check it out if you're like the rest of us... on a budget.


Envy News has reviewed the ASUS A7A266. This motherboard is ASUS' ALiMAGiK1 chipset solution for the AMD market. They're calling it a migration board. So, you should take a look at it if you're planning on slowly moving over to the newer platform.


Legion Hardware has a review of VIA's revision of the Apollo KT266, the VIA KT266A. This is a much read and I'm sure it will improve many people's thoughts concerning DDR. VIA sure did it right this time.

Ricoh MP7200A
Ricoh is known for making a quality product. Now they have a 20x10x40 CD-RW drive and Overclockers Online has a review of the new product posted. It's called the Ricoh MP7200A, go check it out.


LaserBay Review
TacoNuts has a review of something called a LaserBay. I personally don't have any experience with one of these, so you're going to have to check out the review for yourself.

AMIDiag Suite
Dredd News has a review of a product from American MegaTrends. They took a look at the AMIDiag Suite, which is a diagnostic kit.
"American MegaTrends (AMI) has a nice diagnostics program available on the
market for both system admins and enthusiast alike. To put it like they do: 'AMIDiag for Windows is an interactive utility that offers advanced capabilities for Windows 9x/Me/NT/2k Operation Systems including system information for major components, system diagnostics and interactive diagnostics.'"


Dynatron DY1206BH-638
Tech-Planet.net has a put together a new review for you today, they gave the Dynatron DY1206BH-638 Copper HSF and good going over and slapped up some information for you. It's copper and it has a really stupid name, need I say anymore? Smile

New VIA 4-in-1's
VIA Hardware has just put the new VIA 4-in-1 drivers up for download. The newest version is 4.33 and they are beta. So, you're confident in VIA's driver skills, try them out.

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